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Ice Cream - You Cream

description: Floppy-haired cutie Tom Heart and his blond pal Alex Blade are enjoying a nice cold treat on what doesn't look like the warmest of days in the historic town, but these two young buddies certainly know how to raise their temperatures in this BoyFun play session. Before the two catch a real chill they're heading back to Alex's colorful bedroom and locking lips on the bed, their passion for each other quickly engulfing the pair. It's understandable, these two are a couple of the horniest friends and their lust for dick is unmatched. In no time at all their shirts are off and their bare flesh is pressed against each other, their hands groping butt cheeks and exploring cock bulged in their jeans. The boys finally take a break from their smooching to get their lips around the proud penises released from their pants, and understandably this only increases the temperature further. The two boys lick and suck on those tender pink rods with skill, swapping their rampant cocks until a 69 solves the issue of competing hunger. A lapping of blond boy Alex's hot little hole is the signal he needs and in moments his lover's bare prong is parting his cheeks and sliding in deep, pumping his pucker with naked dick. It soon becomes clear that their need for cock is equal. Tom takes his first opportunity to impale his butt on his lover's dong, bouncing on Alex while his own long and youthful cock slaps his tight belly. A little switching and Alex is back where he prefers to be, easing up and down on his buddy's dick until the two are ready to start spurting their own delicious treats. A double wank off sees the boys splashing their milky goodness over themselves, bringing their afternoon encounter to a creamy end.
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Categories: Gay Porn
Models: Tom Heart