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Lior Hod, Nick Danner

description: Sexy little Lior Hod gets a lesson in ironing from lean and horny boy Nick Danner in this new Jawked video, but although that might sound about as exciting as watching beige paint dry they're soon getting steamy with it when shirts come off and lips meet. The boys separate their delicates - from their dicks - in moments and the hard lengths of uncut cock find their way into each other's mouths for a slurping that we'd all love to participate in, given the chance. In very short time their lesson in laundry has become a bareback fuck right there on the couch, with Lior's gorgeous body working hard as he pumps his long penis in and out of his helpful friend's snug little pucker. Nick takes a ride on the raw length of his pal's prick, bouncing in his lap, before laying back for a final ramming, their afternoon encounter coming to a messy end as milky goo spills from their stiff lengths to decorate young Nick's smooth body. We can imagine there might be plenty more special domestic lessons for Nick to teach his unaware friend in the future.
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